Maramures in general and the village of Breb in particular has always been close to my heart. It is one of those rare places in todays materialistic world where complete strangers have time to throw open their doors to unknown visitors and have a hearty laugh and chat. It is a place where time stands still. I have been documenting this village for over a decade now and I thought this was too beautiful a place to be confined to myself. So this year I decided to host a photography tour to share my experience with fellow photographers from around the world. Photographers from as far away as India and from closer home Ukraine joined me during the long Easter weekend. Over four days we photographed portraits, village markets, easter mass, graveyards. We clicked stills and shot movies in what turned out to be a fun experience. Breb presented itself as a miniature of Romania, with the best of its culture, tradition and cuisine. For more such photo tours please free to get in touch with me at