I began to organize photo tours in Romania some years ago. I wanted these experiences to be very personal, therefore groups were always small. Most of the tours were, of course, around Brasov, the city I live in, in the areas that I know well. We visited places and people dear to me together with the participants. In the evening, after sunset, we spent some quality time at my home, drinking a glass of wine, eating dinner cooked together with my wife.

If you are interested in visiting Romania, to spend some time together, to visit the places that are very dear to me, please leave me a message.

If you’re curious to learn more about my story, you can read this interview on Romanian Friend.


Solli Kanani
Solli Kanani
“4-day Photography Tour
I participated in a private customized Photography Tour arranged and led by Vlad in the company of his wife. Based on my wishes he organized visits to locals and artisans for us to meet and photograph. The visits were combined with hiking tours with amazing landscape sceneries. It was a true pleasure to spend these days together with Vlad and his wife.
Food and accommodation was included in this Photography Tour. His wife is a star in the kitchen and all meals she prepared were very tasty and delicious. Staying in their home during the entire tour also gave me the opportunity for an authentic travel experience and cultural exchange. I arrived as a guest and left as a friend.
I can truly recommend a tour with Vlad as for me it gave me an opportunity to visit people and places I wouldn’t have been able to alone and also make new friends and leave with great memories.
Solli Kanani – July 2016”
Mitchell Kanashkevich
Mitchell Kanashkevich
“My interest in Romania sprung up partly from seeing Vlad’s photos online. It’s clear how much he loves his country and the people he photographs. After seeing his images it’s hard not feel something too.
I was fortunate enough to travel a little with Vlad through Transylvania and Maramures. I had a wonderful time. Vlad helped me gain a deeper insight into his world and I’ll always be thankful for that.”
Nidhal Alsalmi
Nidhal Alsalmi
I decided to travel to this country after seeing pictures of Romania made by Vlad, whose pursuit in documenting the lives of people is done in an amazing artistic way.
I spent two weeks together with my wife and my little daughter. We felt wonderful visiting many places in Brasov and Maramures counties.
I gathered a lot of information and ideas from Vlad’s experience. He is a gifted and intelligent photographer having a special and unique vision.
Thank you both my good friend and Georgiana, your wife. She cooked our meals, the one with potatoes being my favourite one. 🙂