I have been travelling to Holbav village for some years now. I already had a photos portfolio of people living there, a portfolio that I love as those people are very dear to me. I also knew the village priest, a man that became my friend in the meantime. During a conversation he asked me “Why don’t you visit Victoria?”. That was how I found out, that somewhere in a little house up on a hill, about an hour walk from the village heart, Victoria lived.

I was once again there in a few days’ time. Holbav was very beautiful! Many places impressed me including that spot behind Victoria’s house. I was completely bewildered by the view to Piatra Craiului mountains ridge, the mown hills and wooded valleys. In one of my following visits, Victoria told me that she had a house down in the village, with TV cable, but she did not even think of leaving the hillside. I completely understood her choice from the first moment I set the foot there. I found her working in the field near the house. That was how a long series of visits began, visits that ended two years ago when Victoria left us. I could write pages about her marvelous way of being, how she always enjoyed to see me and my wife, about her hard work, her love for the place she lived in, about her little house up on the hill far from the madding crowd. It is best to let the photos reveal her soul. I hope you will enjoy her story!