One of my great pleasures is to travel to unknown places and meet new people. That’s for sure! But much more than this, I like to revisit familiar places and old acquaintances dear to me. This is a natural feeling, as I know that together we feel good. Furthermore, I know they are happy to see me again. Since these meetings are not as frequent as I want, when taking place, my joy is even greater. Although we know each other very well, as nothing ever remains the same, we always have new things to talk about.
And I like to give them pictures. They are my most honest critics. “You should have told me you were taking pictures of me, I would have dressed myself with something more beautiful. Let me know when you come next time.” or “This picture is too dark, I do not see anything.”, “You made me look really old! ” and so on. Fortunately, they have never been angry up till now.
Sometimes I feel that well-known places are happy to see me as well. At least this is how I feel as I discover fresh images in familiar places: a foggy valley never covered by fog till now, a new light caressing a hill, a house in which I suspected that no one lives, with smoke coming out of the chimney.
Let me present to you some places and some people I enjoy to visit!