Do you know the following story? After God created the Earth, he did not know how to decorate it.  So, he summoned his four daughters: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and asked them to help him. It is said that they requested a week to think about it. Afterwards, each one of them presented him the decorations to embellish the Earth. The Father was so impressed by their presentation therefore he could not decide on only one proposal. Thanks to this, He divided the year in four equal parts and He gave them the opportunity to decorate the Earth in their own way.

This is a nice story, but if you ask me, Winter is the best! The most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen were in Winter time. People are staying more indoors, by the fire. This is the place where the most beautiful stories are born. Do not forget that Winter is the storytelling season.

This time of the year is very dear to me. In the last few months, I have really tried to enjoy it! I invite you all on my last Winter trip in Holbav.