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Holbav is one place among many others in my country that succeeds in combining everything: landscapes, people, habits. My great luck is that it lies very close to the city I live in. Over the years, I learnt its footpaths and I met many of its people. I find it absolutely fascinating in each season and every single visit there is a real pleasure.

Moieciu de Sus village offers a stunning landscape

Surrounded by Bucegi mountains on one side and Piatra Craiului mountains on the other, Moieciu de Sus village offers a stunning landscape. What I love most about this place is the fact that we can still find traditional customs: sheep breeding, donkeys carrying loads to shelters where people keep their cows or hay.

Our trip to Cândeşti, in Argeş county

This year, once again, I went together with my wife and two dear friends, to a village in Arges county, called Candesti. Honestly, I do not even remember how we first got there, but I know that we liked it so much, that we made a promise to ourselves to return each year.