I have been in love with my country for all my life. All the trips that I made during my childhood helped me feel this way. I did not miss any opportunity to discover new places or to revisit some that were already dear to me. I have met people, I have entered a little in their lives and I have listened to their stories. I discovered photography many years ago. Through my camera, I managed to bring home a bit of what I experienced on my trips and share with others what I saw and felt.

In time, I have been slowly drawn into the life of Romanian village. I like, first of all, its people and the traditions that, fortunately, are still preserved in some places… I like to think that my pictures will be able to keep some of its charm, the charm of the Romanian village.

I invite you, to come with me into this wonderful world, to see people, lights, old habits.


October 2009 – four works selected in the International Exhibition of Photographic Art Sibiu;

February 2010 – the first solo exhibition in Brasov “Images from Romanian village”;

December 2011 – Brasov – solo exhibition “Images of the Romanian village”;

November 2012 – Brasov  – solo exhibition “Glances inside”;

September 2013 – Brasov – solo exhibition “Holidays in the countryside”;

November 2013 – Bucharest  – solo exhibition “People and the souls near them”;

August 2014 – solo exhibition Slovakia;

August 2015 – solo exhibition Slovakia;

July 2016 – Brasov – joint exhibition “People and birds”;

Solo exhibition “About the Juni” – permanent display at the headquarters of Uniunea Junilor din Brasov.



November 2009 – The National Competition of Ethnographic Photography – the 2nd place in Color photography;

November 2010 – The National Competition of Ethnographic Photography – the 1st place in Color and also Black and White photography;

December 2010 – PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR contest organized by the Association of Photographic Artists Romania – 1st and 2nd Prize in Portrait photography and the 2nd place in Photojournalism photography;

October 2013 – The National Competition of Ethnographic Photography – 1st place in Black and White photography and the 3rd  place in Color photography;

October 2014 – The National Competition of Ethnographic Photography – 2nd place in Color photography;

November 2015 – National Geographic Photography Contest 2015 Romania – organized by the magazine of the same name – 1st place – People photography;

November 2015 – People and their Traditions Photo Contest – organized by the Department for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture – 2nd place in Portrait photography;

November 2015 – The National Competition of Ethnographic Photography – 1st place in Black and White photography and the 2nd place in Color photography.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved..”

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