I’ve always liked everything about hay. And I really mean everything! The scythe, the turning, how haystacks are built, how it is carried out from the field, everything! But I also know how hard working the hay is, because I lent a helping hand now and then. And when you also need to survive the scorching in the process, or hurry to get it done before the upcoming thunderstorm… it gets really hard!
Still, to me, the hay has its own song. And an amazing smell. And, to my mind, there can be no genuine Romanian landscape without haystacks in the picture.
Many things have changed in time, and field is worked less and less, and when it is, people now use modern tools. And village people working the field together is now a very rare picture. And I know that things will continue to change year after year. But this does not weaken my joy of listening to the hay song, and I chase away any thought of the changing times, where its song is replaced by the sound of engines.