Thank you Rryan for your review!

“Vlad Dumitrescu just led my wife and me on a beautiful photographic journey in Romania. All the while, Vlad kept telling us how much he loved Romania. He expressed his love through his regard, respect, and appreciation of the people he introduced to us and photographed. They invited us into their homes, offered us food and drink, and enthusiastically shared their life stories with us.We walked, and we drove between locations finding Vlad’s old friends and making new ones. The days were planned and then evolved through chance encounters, fortuitous events, and unexpected offers. Our accommodations were clean and comfortable. Every meal was exceptional, providing us with an appreciation of Romanian cuisine.

We ended our trip with many lovely photographs and memories of the Romanian people. Being invited into peoples’ homes and listening to their stories while photographing made this trip unique. Vlad’s love for his country and his kindness, empathy, and compassion toward the people of Romania created an exceptional and incomparable experience.

Bryan Watt
Humanitarian Photographer”