This year, in February, I finally decided to visit some places in Sibiu, relatively close to my home, that I had heard about long before. I took my family and left. I liked the area much and, although the modernism got there too, I found what I was looking for. Nice and welcoming people, who live in houses still traditionally preserved and who knew captivating stories. So close to home a new and beautiful place… It was the last proper trip before the lockdown. It excited me a lot and I don’t know why, but I thought it would keep my batteries charged for a long time. It wasn’t so. Only a few days passed and I found myself longing again for such an adventure. Of course it didn’t happen. I stayed in touch with some people and I was glad to know that they where fine.

Soon, a new trip will come. New places new people. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it differently. A lot more!