A very good friend of mine from India, who had visited Romania before, wanted to organize a photo workshop here. She asked me to help her with this organization and to be the guide of the group.

I must admit that it was not easy for me to choose the places to visit during this workshop. All over Romania you can find wonderful people, unique customs and unforgettable places! We decided to be for Christmas in Maramures. All the previous Christmases were really special there and I wanted my guests to enjoy one too.

For a long time I wanted to go to Bukovina near the winter holidays. I was now. And it was wonderful! The monasteries were ready for the holidays. Winter started there. It was a fairytale!

From New Year’s Eve I came to Brasov county. In the area where I live and where I built a large part of my photo portfolio.

If they liked these days at least as much as I did, I’m sure it was a successful workshop! :o)